May 2019 – January 2020

Seas at Risk · ClientEarth · The Fisheries Secretariat · OurFish · Sciaena · Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

Senior communication consultant for a coalition of European civil society organisations in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, and the UK. The work included development and implementation of a one year communication and engagement strategy to help end overfishing in Europe in accordance with the legal EU deadline of January 1st 2020. The work included project management of all communication and engagement related output for the campaign. Examples of output are: Several videos, macros and infographics, monthly GIF postcards targeting and sent directly to European Fisheries Ministers, ad campaigns and public events as well as public relation work related to the release of several scientific fisheries reports and the yearly EU fisheries negotiations in Luxembourg and Brussels. Content was made in cooperation with: Stupid Studio, Blanka Katko, and Raindown Film.

Top image: Vid Dudau
First video: Raindown Film
Second video: Vio Dupau
Macros and GIF: Blanka Katkó
Bottom image: Vio Dupau